Inflatable Water Trampolines

A water trampoline is basically a PVC inflatable tube attached to a trampoline pad, of course these trampolines are designed to float on water which is why they are made from water resistant materials.

Because of the complex nature of design, manufacturing and sheer size of water trampolines it makes them much more expensive in comparison to a standard backyard trampoline.

Water Trampoline
People enjoying a water trampoline

Water Trampoline Safety

The trampoline itself can be anchored to the ground to stop it from floating away, most suppliers provide anchors for their water trampolines. However, these can be usually be purchased as an accessory and not sold as part of the trampoline.

If you happen to fall off the trampoline you have the safety of falling in the water (which is obviously safer than falling on hard ground), but of course always make sure you are wearing a life preserver when on the water trampoline.

Water trampolines are much safer than the typical outdoor trampoline because they do not have metal springs, or metal tube framing around them.

Accessories for Inflatable Water Trampolines

Water trampolines come with some great accessories to not only make the trampoline fun, but also to make it safer.

If you decide to leave the trampoline in the water you can purchase a protective cover to keep if safe from the elements.

The average price range for a water trampoline is between $275 up to $5,500