Oval Trampolines

Oval trampolines are becoming as popular as round trampolines, the main benefit of having an oval trampoline is space saving.

Because the width is smaller compared to round trampolines the oval trampoline will fit in most backyards.

Common sizes start from around 8ft x 11.5ft and go all the way up to a massive 15ft x 10ft.

Although slightly more expensive compared to other outdoor yard trampolines, the majority of oval trampolines come complete with safety enclosures

My Recommended Oval Trampoline Brand

After researching online I decided the best quality oval trampoline is the JumpKing OvalPOD trampoline, this is mainly because they are packed with such great features:

  • Euro Spring Design – The springs are secured over and under which puts lets stress on the oval frame and gives you a better bounce
  • Very Strong Frame – The frame is thicker and stronger compared to other conventional trampolines.
  • Well Built Sfety Enclosure – The safety enclosure is made from a polyester black mesh which is not only waterproof but is bowed outwards giving you more space to bounce around. Also the height of the enclosures are around 6ft high
  • Easier Install – The JumpPODs are relatively easy to install compared to other oval trampoline brands.