The Benefits of Outdoor Trampolines

Outdoor trampolines are different from mini trampolines, generally because they are designed for younger children to be used in your yard or outdoor area.

Trampolines that are made for outdoor use have the following characteristics:

  • Bigger Size – Most outdoor trampolines come in 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 15′, 16′ and even 17′ plus. Also outdoor trampolines come in various shapes, from round, rectangle, square, oval and even hexagonal.
  • Resistant Against Weathering – Typical outdoor trampolines have rust proofing on the metal frame (known as galvanising) this helps the trampoline protect against rust. The trampoline padding is harder wearing, which means the colour and the strength of the fabrics and padding will take longer to wear & fade.
  • Can be Covered – Most outdoor trampoline manufacturers sell optional trampoline covers that can be purchased with the trampoline, personally i believe if you plan to keep it outdoors during the cold, wet winter months I suggest purchasing a cover for it, this will prolong the life of the trampoline by as much as 50%
  • Optional Parts – Most outdoor trampolines can have additional parts added, such as trampoline safety enclosures (great for keeping young children safe), ladders, springs, replacement padding and more.
  • Better Exercises – The bigger the trampoline the more exercises you can perform. You will have more fun bouncing on a big trampoline that you will most likely use it more than a mini trampoline, therefore are more likely to lose weight and improve your cardio vascular ability.