What are Mini Exercise Trampolines

Mini trampolines (sometimes referred to as small trampolines) are small indoor trampolines commonly used by toddlers and kids for the purpose of having fun. Adults generally use mini trampolines for the purpose of exercising and weight loss.

Mini trampolines range in sizes, between 30” – 40” with maximum user weights between 200lbs – 350lbs and of course these ranges vary between brands and models. Some Mini trampolines have detachable handles (usually on kids trampolines) also, some models fold for easy storage.

Most mini trampoline manufacturers offer spare parts, such as covers, springs, mats etc. which are usually available to purchase direct from the manufacture.

Are Mini Trampolines Good for Weight Loss?

Toddlers, kids & adults can all benefit from the weight loss benefits a mini trampoline provides.

As well as being a fun piece of equipment the mini trampoline offers many health benefits, from improving coordination and balance, increased muscular strength, increases lung capacity, improves blood circulation & improvement of the lymphatic system (the lymphatic system helps fight infection against viruses, bacteria and disease).

In fact, scientific research has shown that jumping on a mini trampoline is one of the most effective exercises on the planet!

Which are the Best Mini Trampolines

There are many different mini trampolines for sale, with so much choice it can be confusing to find the best trampoline that suits your needs.

Firstly, don’t be tempted to purchase a trampoline just because it’s the cheapest, never sacrifice quality over price.

Always stick with the better known brands such as Weider, variflex, Golds Gym, Pure Fun, Stamina, NordicTrack, Needak, TKO, Bravo Sports and Urban Rebounder to name but a few. If you find an unrecognised brand then spend some time researching customer reviews of this brand.

Lastly, an indication of quality is usually reflected in the manufacturer’s warranty, if the manufacturer offers a longer warranty period this would be an indication of quality.