In Ground Trampolines

An in-ground trampoline is basically just what it sounds like: a trampoline that has been buried in the ground. 

Typically a hole is dug in the ground the precise height of the trampoline, so that once buried, the trampoline mat is level with the ground.  Dirt is then back filled until it reaches the perimeter of the trampoline, with the end result being a seamless, level surface.

Due to the unique nature of the in-ground trampoline, there are many benefits to this setup.  Perhaps the most important is safety – this type of trampoline is inherently safer because it is level with the ground. 

There are no worries about falling off and getting injured, and there is no need for a safety enclosure that may deteriorate over time.

The second benefit is its appearance.  An in-ground trampoline simply looks better, because instead of an unattractive steel frame trampoline sitting on top of your manicured lawn, you have an uninterrupted view of the landscape.  Due to this feature, an in-ground trampoline is perfect for more restrictive Home Owners’ Associations and those with smaller lawns.

Depending on where you live, storms and wind may be important issues to consider when shopping for a trampoline.  Unlike traditional above-ground trampolines, the in-ground version will never blow away, no matter how forceful the winds may be.

Despite all the benefits, your in-ground trampoline will only be as good as your installation, so keep in mind the following tips:

  • Make sure the hole has adequate drainage; otherwise you risk having a pool of nasty water and breeding mosquitoes.
  • Prepare the ground sufficiently, so that the trampoline won’t sink after a period of use.
  • Either place the trampoline on level ground, or level the ground prior to installation.
  • A retaining wall around the trampoline will help with drainage while ensuring that the earth does not collapse around the frame.

With the right research and proper installation techniques, your in-ground trampolines should provide you with many years of enjoyment.