8ft Trampolines

8ft yard trampolines are the most commonly sold in the US, primarily because they are smaller than 12ft, 15ft or 17ft trampolines, making them a good starting point if you don’t have the space in your backyard.

If you are on a limited budget you can pickup an 8ft trampoline for around $150 – $250.

8ft trampolines have the following characteristics (although some brands will vary):

38mm steel tubing – Steel tubing is the supporting frame of the trampoline, an 8ft trampoline will have a lower maximum user weight compared to bigger trampolines which is why the tubing only needs to be 38mm thick. Also because the 8ft trampoline is physically smaller in size less steel is required to support the trampoline thus keeping the cost down.

7-8 inch springs – Because the trampoline is small it does not require big springs. Typically you will find between 65-70 springs on an 8ft trampoline, this works out to be about 10 springs every yard distance.

Maximum user weight – As a general rule the smaller the trampoline the smaller the breaking point will be. 8ft trampolines tend to have a maximum weight limit of around 175 – 220 pounds.

Trampoline weight – Because there is less steel in the tubing, a smaller trampoline pad and mat, and also fewer springs, the weight of the trampoline is much lower compared to a 12ft, 15ft or 17ft trampoline.

Most 8ft trampolines weight between 65- 90 pounds (Excluding a safety enclosure which can weigh between 5- 15 pounds). Making them ideal if you need to move them around your yard, because keeping it in the same spot can kill grass.