10ft Trampolines

The second most popular backyard trampoline is the 10ft size. The relatively small size means it will fit in most american backyards.

What are the Characteristics of a 10 Foot Trampoline?

10ft trampolines typically have the following characteristics (although some brands will vary):

38mm steel tubing – The tubing of a 10ft trampoline is typically the same width as an 8ft trampoline. However, the thickness of the steel is typically thicker compared to 8ft models in order to support the frame

7 inch – 9 inch springs – Because the trampoline is big, it generally requires bigger and stronger springs in comparison to the 8ft trampoline.

64 – 70 springs – Simply put, because the trampoline is physically bigger it needs more springs to accommodate the size of the bounce mat.

Maximum user weight – The maximum user weight of a 10ft trampoline is greater than a smaller 6ft or 8ft trampoline. From researching on the internet I found that the average maximum weight limit of a 10ft trampoline ranges from 200 up to 300 pounds.

Trampoline weight – The weight of a 10ft trampoline is generally heavier compared to smaller trampolines, which makes sense as there are more materials involved.

What is the Average Price of a 10ft Trampoline?

10ft trampolines are relatively cheap in comparison to 12ft and 14ft models. From my research I have found the following prices:

  • 10ft trampoline – $200 – $350
  • 10ft trampoline with safety enclosure – $150 – $500