Unbiased Trampoline Reviews of 2020

I created this trampoline review site (originally back in 2009) because I wanted to fill a gap in the US market. As of 2020, there are so many companies promoting their trampolines and accessories. However no independent, unbiased review websites like this.

With this in mind I decided to create this trampoline review website and recommend the best trampolines for sale in the US & Canadian based on completed unbiased judgement.

If I feel a trampoline product is not up to the standard I expect then I will not recommend it to my site visitors.

So, why are Trampolines so Popular in the US?

The trampoline market has been growing considerably over the past 5 years, with a huge grown in e-commerce sales. Almost every year a new brand appears, promoting "bigger and better" trampolines at lower prices.

This increase in demand has forced competition to either lower their price or look at manufacturing their own trampoline brand to be able to make more profit margins.

The good news is this has allowed more and more people to purchase outdoor trampolines for their backyards and also mini trampolines to help people stay in shape for such value!

So, in general, as competition grows the price of trampolines will keep falling, this is great for the consumer hoping to find that cheap trampoline without sacrificing on product quality.

Some of the most well known US and Canadian trampoline brands are Jumpking, V-fit and Skywalker Trampolines. Of course, there are many other brands available on the US market today (for a full list of Brands see bottom of page).

Different Types of Trampolines 

There are several different types of trampolines available on the market today. The most common is the outdoor trampoline and it comes in many different shapes and sizes:

  • 8ft Trampolines - The 8ft trampoline is one of the most popular, as outdoor trampolines normally start at 8ft it is also the cheapest. With a surface area of 50 foot you have enough room to bounce around comfortably.
  • 10ft Trampolines - The 10ft trampoline is the second most popular outdoor trampoline, of course it costs a little more compared to an 8ft but I gives you a surface area of 80 foot to bounce on.
  • 12ft Trampolines - The 12ft trampoline is the third most popular trampoline giving you a surface area of 113 foot to bounce on.
  • 13ft Trampolines - 13ft trampolines are slowly becoming popular in the US giving you a surface area of 133 foot to bounce on (more than double the surface area of an 8' Trampoline)
  • 14ft Trampolines - The 14ft trampoline is the least popular type of trampoline (in comparison to the 8', 10' & 12'), mainly because of its size and cost. Among these are the rare 15ft, 16ft and even a massive 17ft trampoline, but remember they are not cheap.
  • 15ft Trampolines - The 15ft trampoline is slowly becoming a popular size in the United States and prices are inline in comparison to 14' trampolines.
  • Round Trampolines - Round Trampolines are the most common type of trampoline available for home use. You can purchase many accessories for round trampolines including ladders, safety enclosures, weighted anchors (tie down kits), tents, shoe bags and much much more (see accessories section below).
  • Square Trampolines - Square trampolines are the third most common outdoor trampoline (2nd to the Oval Trampoline) and although you can purchase accessories for them it can prove more difficult compared to Round Trampolines. As I'm sure you're aware a 10' square trampoline will have a greater surface area compared to a 10' round trampoline so if you have the space buy a square one.
  • Rectangle Trampolines - Rectangle trampolines are like those used in the Olympics, and by gymnasts around the world. Rectangular trampolines are not typically available for home use, also parts and accessories will be harder to find.
  • Oval Trampolines - Oval trampolines are great for outdoor use if you are searching for a big trampoline, they are also becoming more and more popular so chances are the price will become more competitive.
  • Hexagonal / Hexagon Trampolines - Hexagonal trampolines are becoming more popular than ever, if you have the space in you yard a hexagonal trampoline might be the answer.
  • Water Trampolines - If you live near a lake or own a swimming pool big enough to accommodate up to 20' of surface area then you might just consider an inflatable water trampoline.
  • Mini Exercise Trampolines - Mini trampolines are made for indoor use, most end users purchase them to workout, loose weight whilst improving balance and coordination.
  • Junior Trampolines - Junior trampolines (known as toddler trampolines) are great for young children and toddlers to help improve balance coordination and just help stimulate their environment, which is why most Junior Trampolines have such bright colors.
  • Spring-less Trampolines - Spring-less trampolines do not use metal springs, instead they use flexible bands or fibre glass rods to provide bounce, making them safer and more efficient.
  • In-Ground Trampolines - Trampolines that are installed in the ground, there are numerous safety benefits to installing a trampoline in the ground.

Popular Trampoline Brands

There are many different trampoline brands on the market today. personally, I would always choose the trampoline that provides the best warranty, because a good warranty confirms that the manufacture has total confidence in their product. I have created a short list of the most popular trampoline brands (not in any particular order):

  • Airzone Trampolines - Airzone are a big brand in the UK market and currently offer outdoor trampolines in 8', 10', 12' and 14' sizes.
  • Aviva Sports Trampolines - Aviva Sports design and manufacture water toys and accessories, including their Orbit Water Trampolines & other water trampoline ranges.
  • Bazoongi Trampolines - Young children love Bazoongi trampolines for their funky colors, adults love them because they are inexpensive in comparison to other trampoline brands, but are still great quality, easy to setup, and feel sturdy when in use.
  • JumpKing Trampolines - Jumpking are one of the original trampoline brands and also the most popular in the United States. JumpKing offer many quality trampolines and accessories.
  • Magic Circle Trampolines – Magic Circle trampolines are 100% designed and manufactured in the United States, Magic Circle have been producing high quality outdoor trampolines for over 35 years.
  • Super Tramp - Super Tramp offer a range of outdoor trampolines, including "spring free" round trampolines, square trampolines and rectangle trampolines
  • Springfree Trampolines - Springfree Trampolines use fibreglass rods instead of springs, making the springfree trampoline safer for young children and also providing a higher bounce.
  • Skywalker Trampolines - Skywalker trampolines is an American supplier selling round and oval outdoor trampolines
  • Needak Rebounder Trampolines - Needak are known for their high quality Soft-Bounce™ and Hard-Bounce™ Rebounder Trampolines. All Needak Trampolines have been manufactured in the USA ever since the company was established back in 1990.
  • Urban Rebounder Trampoline - The urban rebounder trampoline is the number one selling mini trampoline in the United States, with over 1 million sold!
  • Pure Fun Trampolines - One of the leaders in the industry, Pure Fun Trampolines is known for its quality products for all ages.

Trampoline Accessories

There are several accessories and parts you can purchase for your trampoline, below is a short list of accessories widely available:

  • Trampoline Mats - The trampoline mat is the jumping area of a trampoline, typically made from polypropylene. As the matting will generally have the most wear and tear in comparison to all other parts it will be the most common item that is replaced.
  • Trampoline Safety Pads - Trampoline padding is secured around the outside of the trampoline and is also designed to cover the springs. The safety pad also helps protect the person from injury and also helps prevent the springs from rusting. The padding is either made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or the better quality polyester material.
  • Trampoline Springs - Trampoline springs hold the mat to the frame of the trampoline, the size & number of springs will depends on the size of the trampoline. The springs are also galvanized and covered by matting to help prevent them from rusting, also they come in different sizes (anywhere from 55mm up to 120mm).
  • Trampoline Safety Enclosures - Safety enclosures are designed to keep the child or adult safe whilst using the trampoline. The enclosure has extended poles that attach to the framed of the trampoline. Typically made from high tension polyester the enclosure is strong enough that it shouldn't tear under normal stresses
  • Trampoline Ladders - Trampoline ladders allow younger children to access the trampoline, the ladders are typically powder coated and UV treated to protect them from weathering. The ladders come in different heights depending on the trampoline required, for example an 8' trampoline ladder will be smaller in comparison to a 17' one.
  • Trampoline Anchors (tie down kits) - Tie down kits are recommended for outdoor trampolines (especially ones with safety enclosures) because they have a tendency to blow away in the wind which could cause serious hard.
  • Trampoline Frame - The frame is the integral structure of the trampoline, frames are galvanized to help prevent rusting, most frames are between 38mm - 45mm in diameter and between 4mm - 8mm thick.
  • Trampoline Tents - Trampoline tents are starting to become popular with young children, this is simply a tent that covers the top of the trampoline allowing your children to camp out in the backyard.
  • Trampoline Shoe Bags - If you need somewhere to put your shoes or your children's shoes whilst on the trampoline then a shoe bag is what you need. A shoe bag can be placed on the grass/pavement next to the trampoline or some brands can even be attached to the trampoline
  • Trampoline Safety Skirts - Safety skirts attach to the bottom of a trampoline frame to stop young children and animals crawling underneath. If you have young children/animals then I suggest purchasing one of these, it's worth the small investment!
  • Trampoline Covers - Purchasing a cover will help prolong the life of the trampoline mat, padding, springs & frame. Just remember some covers do not protect the frame so look out for that one. To protect the entire trampoline I always recommend storing it indoors during the cold wet winter months.
  • Trampoline Parts - What are the various parts of the trampoline and where can you purchase spare parts for your trampoline model.

Other Trampoline Information

  • Trampoline Reviews - After constant emails from visitors I decided to create a trampoline reviews section where you can find all the best unbiased information about all the different trampolines, parts and accessories available on the US market today, you will also find the best prices and a link to each trusted online store, visit my reviews section here...
  • Trampoline Exercises - I created a guide that lists some basic exercises you can do on mini trampolines and outdoor trampolines, the guide also explains the health benefits of working out using a trampoline.
  • How to Install a Trampoline - My quick reference guide shows you how to install every part of a trampoline, however this does not cover all brands/products on the market. For full instructions of your trampoline always contact the manufacture.
  • Trampoline Buyers Guide - My buyers guide lists all the things you should consider before buying a trampoline.

Trampoline Safety

Safety is one of the most important factors, especially when purchasing a trampoline for young children. When I say safety I don't just mean buying a trampoline with an enclosure. I'm talking about the tricks and stunts that children like to perform that are unsafe and could cause serious injury.

It can be tempting for young children to perform stunts and tricks to impress their friends, but please do not attempt any stunts on a trampoline (at least without learning the appropriate training). Please see my section on trampoline safety.